He recalls his first meeting with Marian, which Will has already heard many times before. First appearance: The best villains are entertaining characters … ("Last Rites"). When Zelena thinks she is about to die, she puts Robin in her crib and tells her "Mummy loves you". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is aghast with indecision, as his heart is swaying towards her even with knowledge of what must be done to save Marian, but she makes it clear they cannot be in each other's lives. ("Labor of Love"), To find Hook underground, Robin and the heroes plan to enter the cave Megara had escaped from. However, Regina has her own visions of the near future and is secretly in a relationship with the stable boy, Daniel. Emma magically fixes Robin’s wound, but as the cost of magic, she must extract a price from Regina, but it appears she never does. Portrayed by: Sometime later, upon returning to the apartment, Robin and the others find Hook and Emma already waiting for them. Zelena takes him as a hostage, and his safety is secured only after Regina forfeits the wand to her. When he attempts to stop her, she freezes him. When Will walks in and attempts to leave unnoticed, Robin hits a dart at a nearby wall to force him to stay. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Characters, Robin drove his blade through Sir Guy's body, Bold Robin Hood and His Outlaw Band: Their Famous Exploits in Sherwood Forest, The King joins the hands of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Robin Hood Meeteth the Tall Stranger on the Bridge. ("It's Not Easy Being Green"), With Friar Tuck, Robin is ambushed when Mr. Gold, on Zelena's orders, demands Regina's heart. Zelena invites her to their wedding ceremony, but Regina refuses, believing she has to make haste since the Queen is looking for her. Hair Color: Upset about how this news will affect her people, as the bean was their only hope of returning home, Guinevere believes they must do something to raise everyone's spirits, leading Henry to suggest a town dance as a much-needed distraction. More determined than ever to gain her happy ending, Regina steals blood from Lily, using it for the quill's ink, with intentions of having Isaac write Zelena out of existence. While his wife happily hugs him, he reciprocates her embrace while hesitantly looking at Regina. LISTINGS: ONCE UPON A TIME: Air Date: Sunday, April 21, 2013. Robin, however, is still too upset over his daughter being in Hades‘ hands and doesn't want to hear Regina defending her sister. Robin apologizes for not being able to protect her heart, but she is more relieved his son isn't hurt. Even so, he regards their romance in the present as something that was destined to happen. As the couple continues to elude the Sheriff, Marian becomes pregnant and falls deathly ill. To keep Rumplestiltskin from recognizing him, Robin uses the six-leaf clover from Oz to glamour himself as another man and breaks into the Dark One's castle, risking his life to steal a wand to heal Marian. Directed by Milan Cheylov. Later that night, he is surprised when Regina comes to him, giving him a long-awaited kiss. Noticing that he has a phone, Hook offers to teach him how to use it, but Robin explains he's looking at a photo from inside Zelena, causing much disgust from the pirate, until the latter mentions it's just an image of the baby. ("Quiet Minds"), At the news of Neal's sudden death, Robin attends to pay his respects. Robin Once Upon A Time: rivedremo Robin Hood al fianco di sua figlia? ("The Dark Swan"), At the castle, King Arthur introduces the group to his Queen, Guinevere, and he announces there will be a ball held in their honor. Later that day, Robin is laid to rest at the cemetery, and the townspeople pay their respects by putting arrows with entwined roses on his casket. Robin mistakes her behavior as worry over her friends, but instead, she affirms her confidence that the two survived, but she is curious about whether their test on Arthur worked. James swiftly slaps an cuff on Emma's wrist to cancel out her magic and then draws a gun on both her and Robin. The latter also finds out about him being disguised while invading the castle. In quel viaggio, ha incontrato Robin (Tiera Skovbye), la figlia cresciuta di Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) e Zelena (Rebeca Mader). Through Neal's words, he shares knowledge of his father's enchantment of the walking stick with blood magic that only allows the caster or those of his blood to be able to use it. Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on ABC. Discovering the door has a protection spell, Robin pulls aside the hallway sofa and tears off a vent cover, which has a crawl space passageway leading to the office. Relevant Pages Robin begins heading off alone, but Regina insists that he bring Henry with him, and it won't be dangerous since Cora won't be there. At the ball, after Regina has been formally announced to the guests as the Savior, she and Robin have fun dancing, just as Percival cuts in, asking for a turn with the Savior. While sitting at the diner counter, Robin studies the sonogram, just as Hook walks in. ("Our Decay", "Her Handsome Hero"), After Snow escapes the Underworld, Hades creates tombstones for all the remaining heroes, including Robin, to keep any more of them from leaving. Additionally, he mentions being indebted to Rumplestiltskin for sparing his life in the past. Though he saved her, Regina chastises that he nearly killed her. Other Family: After leaving Roland in Little John's care, Robin tells Regina that true love's kiss didn't work because he loves her, not Marian. Male Robin and the rest of their group follow while Little John chases after the animal. When they near the town line, he watches in shock as Little John is kidnapped by a flying monkey. Hair color: Distraught, he finds a stiff drink at the diner and moodily aims darts at a board. Sibling(s): Though neither remembers this, she suspiciously asks if they have met before. Robbing from the rich for the poor, Robin ends up with Marian because of his honor code, but his … Cruella soon joins him and announces her intentions of kidnapping the baby to force Hades into reviving her. Regina explains how she always assumed those compliments were about her, but they are actually about Zelena. Relatives: ("Operation Mongoose Part 1"), In this new life, Robin Hood is a thief that constantly bests Regina by stealing from the carriages she usually goes after. Regina recalls Storybrooke came along with the Dark Curse after she cast it, though she theorizes that whoever made the curse created Storybrooke as a replica to the Underworld's town. Once Robin learns the Shadow is notorious for snatching young boys and whisking them away, he is extremely resistant to the idea. Robin points his sword at her in defense of his child, with Regina also refusing to surrender without a fight, but Emma admits she did not come for the baby, and then poofs out of the room, taking Zelena with her. Eagerly, Prince Charming wishes to procure some, so he directs him to where it grows under white moss at the edge of Sherwood Forest, but warns of a rumor stating the area is haunted. Hook asks for his help again, but before Robin can answer, both are distracted by the jingle of the diner bell as Belle rushes in to pick up a sandwich from Granny. ("Dreamcatcher"), Once the heroes discover Arthur attempted to sabotage their quest to breach communication with Merlin, Robin and Hook stand guard outside as David goes into Arthur's tent to confront him. He stays with her in her last moments, while Henry harnesses the quill and returns everyone to Storybrooke. Robin Hood With a magical wave, Regina unlocks the dreamcatcher's memories. While camping for the night, he awakens to find the farmer's daughter, Marian, aiming an arrow at him. Regina still has doubts because the townspeople may not see her as the Evil Queen anymore, but she wants to prove to them that she is a capable leader. In Hyperion Heights, she becomes Margot West. Later, Robin spends time with Roland and the Merry Men, unaware that Regina is watching him from a distance. Human She meets her mother f… Relevant Pages However, she fears people aren't ready to trust her, though they've forgiven her for her past. Robin goes along with Belle, David, Regina, and Mr. Gold to check up on an imprisoned Zelena, who is now gone from her jail cell. Family/Relationships Una fronda del grande albero genealogico di Once Upon A Time apparirà molto più matura quando la rivedremo. Once Upon a Time … During a trip to the park, Robin and Regina sit at a bench while Marian plays with Roland beside a lake. Species: Progressing to a bedchamber, she asks him to stand watch, but he grows suspicious upon noticing her brewing something. ("Lacey", "Heart of Gold"), Some time after this, Robin meets Belle again and they have other adventures together. He and Emma are taken to the docks to be pushed into the River of Lost Souls, but David and Hook intervene in time, allowing them to break free. Robin asks her to help for the sake of their child, but Zelena snaps at him that the child is hers, since he was just an unwilling pawn in the baby's creation. Walking out with his new bride, he immediately spots an injured Regina and goes to her side. Robin believes Marian has seen enough for the day, but Roland pleads with his mother until she agrees. The next morning, a conflicted Robin arrives at Regina's office. Once Upon A Time Alice e Robin – Preparatevi fan amanti della coppia formata dalla figlia di Hook e da quella di Zelena.Infatti, molto presto, ci sarà un intero episodio di Once Upon A Time dedicato proprio … After saying goodbye to the Merry Men, Robin is given last instructions from Regina, who supplies him with enough money and directions to the nearest diner outside of town. Prior to mastering her archery skills, Robin was gifted with magic, though opted to relinquish her power to her motherinstead. Hades reappears to finish Regina off with the Olympian Crystal, but Robin takes the blow for her. Robin finally relents, and in preparation, Roland is told what he must say in order to lure to Shadow to the Enchanted Forest. 1.1. ("A Curious Thing", "Kansas"), After Regina's heart is restored, Robin spends some time at her house. The letter exposes sentiments of Rumplestiltskin praising the magical strength of her mother Cora's first-born child. Zelena tries to leave Storybrooke with Robin, but fails. As the memory concludes, they turn around upon hearing a loud crash, seeing a stunned Henry has witnessed what they saw in the dreamcatcher. Zelena gives birth to her infant daughter, before Zelena is taken away by Emma. Enchanted Forest Character As for the heroes, Merlin requests that they work to get Excalibur from Arthur. Biographical Information As Robin tries to fight off Percival, who moves to deliver a final fatal blow at him, David kills Percival. Since they have similar plans of searching the Wicked Witch's house, he goes along with her. During the trek, she talks to him about why she gave Zelena a chance to find love with Hades. With Mother Superior's help, the Apprentice is freed from the hat, and he rallies everyone to look for the door illustration to trap Isaac. After whisking Mr. Gold to the hospital, Robin learns that the heart attack stemmed from the poison of the Dark One's deeds. He is portrayed by guest star Tom Ellis in Season Two, and by starring cast member Sean Maguire since Season Three. As soon as they admit Zelena wants Snow White's unborn child, the witch herself pays an ominous visit to the palace to claim the baby will soon be hers. Regina then returns, unfreezing Robin after lowering the shield, and tells him of her intentions with the Wicked Witch. A plan is set up to wait for Regina to bring the shield down and then mobilize the whole group into the palace. During Operation Firebird, the Blind Witch helps Cruella trap Robin, Regina, David and Henry in the library. The Shadow makes a grab for Roland, but Mulan slices off one of its arms, with Neal grabbing onto the creature, who promptly flies back to Neverland. Show Information Margot eventually accepts that Kelly has a past she would rather not discuss, and when Kelly decides to return to San Francisco with Chad, Margot decides to stay in Hyperion Heights, as she wants to get to know Tilly better. When Marian finds Regina's phone number on her husband's mobile, she pushes him to choose between her or his former lover. As Charon's arrival draws near, Robin and the rest of the crew are taken by the Dark Ones to the Underworld's portal. While the trio settles into the apartment, they receive Mr. Gold, who tries to throw them out, before he collapses from a heart attack. Regina chooses to carry out the task alone, though Robin insists on accompanying her to repay what she did for his son earlier. "Leaving Storybrooke" In the aftermath, Robin offers Mulan a place among the Merry Men, but she declines and states she needs to talk to someone before it's too late. Robin denies it but is certain if they had, he wouldn't forget someone like her. His spirit separates from his body to reach out longingly at her and then fades out of existence. When he kisses her, however, he immediately recognizes she is Zelena in disguise, prompting her to mock him for not having known anything was amiss when she was pretending to be Marian. Quando la Fata Trilli … Margot tries to free Tilly from Eloise's control but fails, until the curse breaks and everyone's memories are restored. GALLERY, Robin Hood Before Regina can respond to Zelena's snide remark, Emma shows up. Robin Hood is based on the titular character from the Robin Hood ballads. The pair report that Hades destroyed their boat, so now everyone has no way of going home. Upon the conversation turning to Hook's own complex love life, the pirate mentions a locked door in Emma's new house that she apparently doesn't want him anywhere near. Alias(es): (" Sisters ") With his daughter, Robin enters the … She remarks that fear can be a powerful influence on how people see her. In retaliation, Robin fires an arrow at Mr. Gold, who redirects it towards Roland. After Belle finds evidence that Mr. Gold was being held as a prisoner in the basement, Robin suggests searching the rest of the house. "Lacey" GALLERY. Robin is still upset at him for once endangering the Merry Men by stealing a looking glass, but they end up talking. During the journey, Robin has a cheerful reunion with not only Baelfire, but also Belle. After managing to obtain some of Margot's blood, Eloise forces Tilly into her coven to enact an apocalyptic spell. While patrolling the woods, he sees Regina distracted over a letter. As Robin Hood escapes, he takes the wand and manages to heal Marian to full health. He curiously wonders if it's a loved one, to which she suggests that it might be. When Zelena impersonated Marian in order to destroy the relationship between her sister Reginaand Robin, the latter of whom being convinced that Marian was dead. ("The Dark Swan", "The Price", "Broken Heart"), The next day, Robin hears from Little John that he ran into some Camelot residents in the town forest. Alla fine della prima parte della settima stagione di Once Upon a Time, il salto temporale … He warns that his arrow never misses, and eventually, Regina lets him go and admits she is making a sleeping curse to use on herself. ("Operation Mongoose Part 2"), With Emma nowhere to be found, Robin and his allies learn from the Apprentice that she has gone to the Enchanted Forest, and to reach her, someone with both light and dark essence must wield his wand to cross realms. He stops Regina from doing anything, however, Marian then turns the tables on him by pulling out a six leaf clover and reverting to Zelena. This only makes Zelena laugh and claim there's no point in fighting since both Robin and Regina will be dead soon. In secret, Snow White casts another curse to reach Emma, but before it takes effect, Zelena drops a potion into the mixture to erase everyone's memories of the last year in the Enchanted Forest. An angry Robin calls the thief among his men to step forward, but no one does. Show Information At some point before or after this, he tells Will about Marian and how she changed him into becoming a person who will only steal from the rich to provide for the poor. The three men accompany them and many other inhabitants who are making their way on foot to the Queen's old palace. After befriending Alice herself, Robin eventually falls in love with her. He is shocked by her words, as it's not something she would say, but Marian insists change is unavoidable. Merlin confirms he can remove Emma's darkness, but the darkness may have taken root inside of her where no one can see it, and for him to remove it, her heart must be ready to be free. Inside the house, she searches for signs of the Wicked Witch's magic potions, but can't find anything. With both parties unwilling to settle, Regina walks away from the diner as Marian picks up Roland and stalks off in the opposite direction. They insist that their best bet now for helping Emma is to give the dagger to Arthur. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. La serie prende in prestito elementi e personaggi dai classici film della … Reluctantly, he agrees magic is the only thing that can help him now and attempts to get the ball to activate by touching it, which causes no change. Mr. Gold, not interested in being a do-gooder, parts from the team, while Robin and the others continue with Operation Firebird, Henry's codename for their mission. As he remembers, Marian stated she believed in the goodness inside Robin and that true love is something one should always fight for. That night, Robin gathers Neal's belongings and tries giving them to Mr. Gold, who refuses since they are a reminder of the man his son became after he abandoned him. ("Family Business"), With his heart in conflict, Robin approaches the vault and finds Regina inside. Inside the castle, Robin warns his group against taking anything that is not necessary. Later that day, a snow monster rampages through town. Robin resists by shooting an arrow into James' chest, but it has no effect since he is already deceased. And he loved his friends and family.Robin of Locksley: And you.Regina Mills: And me.Robin of Locksley: Well, that sounds like it was a good life, even if it was too short. Though Robin had plans of chaining himself to a tree, he considers going with her until she insists against it. King Arthur and his knights arrive, proclaiming the newcomers have been prophesied to reunite them with Merlin. Arriving there by a portal, Robin frees Will, who promises not to alert a guard about his plans if he brings him some of the elixir as well. However, Neal reminds him that his father saved Robin's wife, which allowed her to give birth to Roland, and therefore he is in Rumplestiltskin's debt. Though they corner Arthur in the Round Table room, the group are blindsided by Zelena, who holds Mary Margaret as her hostage to get them to back down. Will, their newest recruit, procures a chest of goods for them. As it takes hold of her, Robin is unable to help. Robin allows Neal to look around as he is searching for a magical item that may help to find his family, Emma and Henry, and picks up his father's old walking stick. After Henry returns to Robin, he states that he found nothing. They reach the crypt, which surprisingly is open, even though Regina sealed it with blood magic. Here's Where All Your Favorite Once Upon a Time Characters End Up. In it, they see Henry's crush, Violet, having her heart stolen by Emma, who orders her to reject Henry so she can obtain a fresh tear from a broken heart and free Merlin. Robin, knowing that's not true, comforts her with a hug. Eye color: