will ensure that families have better access to water during the dry season. He has carried out works for Emergency Operations for Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and several Special Operations. It is crucial that we continue to support pastoralist households build resilience against climate-related shocks by providing timely veterinary and feeding assistance for their animals," said FAO Representative in Somalia Daniele Donati. Email. Twitter Share . Daniele Donati is the Deputy Director of FAO’s Emergency Division since 2015. FAO’s seed scheme set to yield food for poor. Intervista a Daniele Donati, Direttore della Divisione Emergenze della FAO, relatore al panel "Economia e disuguaglianza" durante l'evento "Sete di pace" ad Assisi. We're advising all Somalis to take advantage of the rains. A simple method with huge benefits.” Twitter Share . Amin Ahmed 02 Sep 2010. “Warning from @FAOSWALIM: flash floods across #Somalia. Facebook Count. If the next wheat crop is not salvaged, the food security of millions will be at risk.' 'Food aid alone will not be enough. "Depletion of food stocks and loss of rural manpower are all factors that in the longer-term could seriously affect food security,” said Daniele Donati, Chief of FAO's Emergency Operations Service. “Swarms are increasing in numbers and density as we speak – they could increase 500 times in numbers by June,” Daniele Donati, co-chair of FAO’s desert locust task force, told The New Humanitarian. From the Newspaper 30 Mar 2011. Final closing remarks were delivered by Margot van der Velden, WFP Director of Emergencies and Daniele Donati, FAO Deputy Director, Office of Emergencies and Resilience. FAO set to distribute seeds for Rabi season. Facebook Count. Daniele Donati FAO. 'Unless people get seeds over the next few weeks they will not be able to plant wheat for a year,' said Daniele Donati, Chief, FAO Emergency Operations, Asia, Near East, Europe and Special Emergencies. Storing water now in cans, tanks, containers etc. “The investment made by donors has been quadrupled,” said Daniele Donati, Chief FAO Emergency Operations Service. Daniele.Donati@fao.org Dominique Burgeon, Director, Emergency and Rehabilitation Division. Massive livestock losses have severely affected Somalia's economy and people. Daniele Donati/FAO/Eastern DRC/2005 • structure at headquarters and includes UN agencies ORGANISATIONS PARTICIPATING IN CONSOLIDATED APPEALS DURING 2006: AAH/ACF/ACH ABS ACORD ACR ACTED ADRA AET Africare ALISEI AMREF ARC Atlas Logistique AVSI CA CAM CARE INT CARITAS CCF CCM CEASOP CENAP CESVI CIRID COLFADHEMA COOPI CORDAID